TeemIp - IP Address Management Solution

All network administrators do recognize how important it is to have a well managed IP space: a comprehensive and up to date inventory of all subnets and IPs used in a network as well as clear and simple processes to request, change or release IPs are underlying key factors for a trouble free network.

Unfortunately, in many companies or organizations, IP Management is not perceived as a critical service of IT operations. And when it is recognized as such, the price of standard solutions sold from software vendors is so high that investment in a tool is always postponed to the next fiscal exercise.

As a consequence, network administrators often struggle to keep a decent inventory of their IP space and they rely by default on inconvenient Excel spread sheets or DNS configuration files to do their job.

TeemIp application has been created to precisely answer that problematic. It is a robust Open Source web 2.0 solution that enables professional IP Management activity within IT departments of all size.

A simple and powerful user interface will allow network administrators to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 Plans, subnet space and IPs in accordance with best in class IP Management practices:
  • Define your IPv4 and IPv6 Plans through hierarchical Network Blocks
  • Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations
  • Manage Subnets within predefined Network Blocks
  • Attach IP Ranges to your Subnets
  • Register IPs and get a clear view on the IP space consumption
  • Allow end user to log IP requests through a simple WEB portal
  • Provide Hostmasters efficient processes to manage user requests
  • Proactively notify administrators on key events
  • Synchronize your data with external tools

Because IPs are configured on network devices, a CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) has been included in the product. This CMDB allows you to document all types of devices that can be connected to an IP network together with their linkage toward the IP space (IPs they use, like management IPs, or IPs they host, like on router interfaces).

In order to provide to the end users an easy way to log IP related requests, a WEB portal has been incorporated to TeemIp. Tickets created through that portal are then processed through a Helpdesk module thus providing to the network administrator a quick, efficient and easy process to allocate, change or release IP resources.

TeemIp has been developped as an extension of iTop open source ITSM and CMDB software and therefore benefits from all its features and advanced functions. It is available as a standalone application or as a module that can be installed on an already working iTop solution.

TeemIp application is relying on Apache, MySQL and PHP, so it can run on whatever operating system supporting those applications: it has been already tested on Windows, Linux Debian and Redhat. Because it is a web based application you don’t need to install any client on user PC. A simple web browser is enough to use it.

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