NoPo - NoSQL Honeypot Framework

NoSQL-Honeypot-Framework (NoPo) is an open source honeypot for nosql databases that automates the process of detecting attackers,logging attack incidents. The simulation engines are deployed using the twisted framework.Currently the framework holds support for redis.

N.B : The framework is under development and is prone to bugs

You can download NoPo by cloning the Git repository:
git clone

pip install -r requirements.txt
NoPo works out of the box with Python version 2.6.x and 2.7.x on any platform.

Added Features:
  • First Ever Honeypot for NoSQL Databases
  • Support For Config Files
  • Simulates Protocol Specification as of Servers
  • Support for Redis

Get a list of basic options :
python -h
Deploy an nosql engine:
python -deploy redis
Deploy an nosql engine with a configuration file:
python -deploy redis -config filename
Log commands,session to file :
python -deploy redis -out log.out

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