RouterCheck - Android app for ensure the safety of your Router

RouterCheck is a system for ensuring the well-being of your router and home network. It’s offered as a smartphone app, but is far more than just a simple smartphone app. RouterCheck communicates with a powerful server that helps to check whether your router is vulnerable to any of the latest attacks that hackers are launching.

RouterCheck is Security for Your Home Router

RouterCheck is so easy to use, yet performs some very advanced tests to ensure the safety of your home network. Simply start RouterCheck and the following things will automatically be tested for:

Check your configuration

Routers are complex devices and their configuration is sometimes difficult to understand. The configuration screens have many options, and it isn’t always clear what the effects of choosing an option will have on your network’s security. RouterCheck makes sure that you haven’t accidentally enabled something dangerous.


RouterCheck will check to see whether you’ve changed your router’s default password (very dangerous) or are using a password that’s on hackers’ lists of common passwords to try. To learn more about password danger click Passwords.

Dangerous things enabled

RouterCheck will see whether you’ve enabled things that are “dangerous” such as UPnP or Remote Administration. If you have, RouterCheck will explain the security implications of this so that you can make an informed decision on what to do.

Running the latest firmware

RouterCheck checks that your router is updated with the latest firmware for your model, and if not, what steps you can take to update it.

Vulnerabilities in your router

RouterCheck will look through several lists of known vulnerabilities for your router model/firmware to see whether there are any known problems. It will also perform some of the same tests that hackers use to see how your router will respond.

Open Ports

RouterCheck will see if your network has any ports opened to the internet as a result of Port Forwarding. If there are and you have good reason to have the port opened, you can configure RouterCheck so that it will not flag this situation as an issue in the future.

DNS is set up properly

It’s well understood that when hackers attack home networks, the DNS configuration is the first thing they target. It’s very important that your DNS is reliable and trustworthy, otherwise all of the computers on your network are at risk.
RouterCheck has several ways to check and ensure that the DNS servers that you’re using are reliable.

Has the router been tampered with?

RouterCheck will run some tests on your router to help determine if other things in the router have been tampered with by hackers.

Are you a target?

RouterCheck will look to see whether you’re on any of the common lists of targets that hackers typically use when looking for devices on the internet that are poorly secured and at risk.


When RouterCheck finds that there are any problems with your router, it will help guide you towards the steps you must take to solve the problem.

Checking public WiFi hotspots

Do you ever use WiFi at a coffeeshop, restaurant or other public place? The dangers of using public WiFi are well understood and one of the issues is the reliability of the system’s DNS server. If a hacker were successful in compromising a coffeeshop router’s DNS settings, everyone who used the service would unknowingly become innocent victims.

RouterCheck allows you to quickly scan a public WiFi hotspot to ensure that the system is safe to use.

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