Password Cracking Suite

How To Use It:

Dics Path:
In this path, you can add any dictionary you would like to use.

Tools Path:
In this path, the script will install 3rd party tools. You can download some here:

Tools used by the script:

Availible Hash Types:
afs bf bfegg bsdi crc32 crypt
des django dmd5 dominosec dragonfly3-32 dragonfly3-64
dragonfly4-32 dragonfly4-64 drupal7 dummy dynamic_n
epi episerver gost hdaa hmac-md5 hmac-sha1
hmac-sha224 hmac-sha256 hmac-sha384 hmac-sha512
hmailserver ipb2 keepass keychain krb4 krb5 lm lotus5
md4-gen md5 md5ns mediawiki mscash mscash2 mschapv2
mskrb5 mssql mssql05 mysql mysql-sha1 nethalflm netlm
netlmv2 netntlm netntlmv2 nsldap nt nt2 odf office
oracle oracle11 osc pdf phpass phps pix-md5 pkzip po
pwsafe racf rar raw-md4 raw-md5 raw-md5u raw-sha
raw-sha1 raw-sha1-linkedin raw-sha1-ng raw-sha224
raw-sha256 raw-sha384 raw-sha512 salted-sha1 sapb
sapg sha1-gen sha256crypt sha512crypt sip ssh
sybasease trip vnc wbb3 wpapsk xsha xsha512 zip

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