MalwaRE - Malware Repository Framework

malwaRE is a malware repository website created using PHP Laravel framework, used to manage your own malware zoo. malwaRE was based on the work of Adlice team with some extra features.

If you guys have any improvements, please let me know or send me a pull request.

  • Self-hosted solution (PHP/Mysql server needed)
  • VirusTotal results (option for uploading unknown samples)
  • Search filters available (vendor, filename, hash, tag)
  • Vendor name is picked from VirusTotal results in that order: Microsoft, Kaspersky, Bitdefender
  • Add writeup url(s) for each sample
  • Manage samples by tag
  • Tag autocomplete
  • VirusTotal rescan button (VirusTotal's score column)
  • Download samples from repository

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