[QuickSetDNS] Quickly change DNS servers of your Internet connection

QuickSetDNS is a simple tool that allows you to easily change the DNS servers that are used for your Internet connection. You can set the desired DNS servers from the user interface, by choosing from a list of DNS servers that you defined, or from command-line, without displaying any user interface.

System Requirements
This utility works on any version of Windows, starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

Versions History
  • Version 1.01:
    • Added 'Router DNS' item, which allows you to choose the internal DNS server of your router.
  • Version 1.00 - First release.

Start Using QuickSetDNS

QuickSetDNS doesn't require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - QuickSetDNS.exe

After running QuickSetDNS, the main window allows you to easily choose the desired DNS servers to use on your Internet connection, by using the 'Set Active DNS' option (F2). By default, QuickSetDNS provides only one alternative: the public DNS servers of Google - and 

You can easily add more DNS servers to the list by using the 'New DNS Server' option (Ctrl+N).

If the 'Automatic DNS' option is selected, then the DNS server information is received from your router automatically, using DHCP.

If you have multiple network adapters, you may need to choose the correct network adapter from the combo-box located just below the toolbar of QuickSetDNS. 

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