[Ghiro v0.1] Digital Image Forensic Analyzer

Sometime forensic investigators need to process digital images as evidence. There are some tools around, otherwise it is difficult to deal with forensic analysis with lot of images involved. Images contain tons of information, Ghiro extracts these information from provided images and display them in a nicely formatted report.

Dealing with tons of images is pretty easy, Ghiro is designed to scale to support gigs of images.

All tasks are totally automated, you have just to upload you images and let Ghiro does the work. 

Understandable reports, and great search capabilities allows you to find a needle in a haystack.

Ghiro is a multi user environment, different permissions can be assigned to each user. Cases allow you to group image analysis by topic, you can choose which user allow to see your case with a permission schema.

Ghiro can be used in many scenarios, forensic investigators could use it on daily basis in their analysis lab but also people interested to undercover secrets hidden in images could benefit. Some use case examples are the following:
  • If you need to extract all data and metadata hidden in an image in a fully automated way
  • If you need to analyze a lot of images and you have not much time to read the report for all them
  • If you need to search a bunch of images for some metadata
  • If you need to geolocate a bunch of images and see them in a map
  • If you have an hash list of “special” images and you want to search for them

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