[oclHashcat-plus v0.15] Advanced Password Recovery

This version is the result of over 6 months of work, having modified 618,473 total lines of source code.

Before we go into the details of the changes, here's a quick summary of the major changes:
  • Added support for cracking passwords longer than 15 characters
  • Added support for mask-files, which enables password policy-specific candidate generation using PACK
  • Added support for multiple dictionaries in attack modes other than straight mode
  • Rewrote workload dispatcher from scratch
  • Rewrote restore support from scratch
  • Rewrote kernel scheduler to reduce screen lags
  • Better handling of smaller workloads/dictionaries
  • Language-specific charset presets for use with masks

New supported algorithms:
  • TrueCrypt 5.0+
  • 1Password
  • Lastpass
  • OpenLDAP {SSHA512}
  • AIX {SMD5} and {SSHA*}
  • SHA256(Unix) aka sha256crypt
  • MacOSX v10.8
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft EPi Server v4+
  • Samsung Android Password/PIN
  • GRUB2
  • RipeMD160, Whirlpool, sha256-unicode, sha512-unicode, ...

New supported GPUs:

  • All sm_35-based GPUs
  • GTX Titan
  • GTX 7xx
  • Tesla K20

  • All Caicos, Oland, Bonaire, Kalindi and Hainan -based GPU/APU
  • hd77xx
  • hd8xxx

And last but not least, lots of bugs have been fixed. For a full list, see the changelog below.

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