[Dexter] A Free Tool for Mobile (Android) Malware Analysis

Bluebox Labs just released Dexter, a free tool which wants to help information security professionals and malware analysts to analyze Android mobile applications in order to find malware and vulnerabilities.

Dexter combines manual and automatic static program analysis to provide a better understanding of an Android application. Since the original application source code is not required, Dexter is useful during third party binary application analyses and malware reverse engineering.

The following core features are provided to the analyst:
  • App statistics and direct access to all program entry points
  • Package graph visualization
  • Class and inheritance diagrams
  • Class decompilation
  • Method bytecode graph visualization
  • A relational query language and text search feature
  • APK file browser
  • Coloring, tagging and commenting on package, class, method and even basic block layer
  • String listing including code cross reference resolution
  • Automated semantic annotation of program elements
  • Integrated multi-user support for collaboration

More info Here.
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