Platbox - UEFI And SMM Assessment Tool

UEFI and SMM Assessment Tool


Platbox is a tool that helps assessing the security of the platform:

  • Dumps the platform registers that are interesting security-wise
    • Flash Locks
    • MMIO and Remapping Locks
    • SMM Base and Locks
    • MSRs
  • RW access to the PCI configuration space of devices.
  • RW to physical memory and virtual memory.
  • Allows allocating physical memory and map memory to usermode.
  • Read and Write MSRs.
  • Dump SPI Flash content (BIOS) into a file.
  • Basic dumb SMI Fuzzer.
  • Dump S3 Bootscript (from SMM-Lockbox) into a file.
  • Dump EFI Memory Map (Linux only for now).
  • List UEFI variables.
  • Supports Linux and Windows.
  • Supports Intel and AMD.

Example of 'chipset' command output for an AMD platform

Project Structure

The project is divided as follows:

  • PlatboxDrv: kernel drivers used for Linux and Windows.
  • PlatboxLib: the usermode component that loads the kernel driver and provides access to all the previously listed features.
  • PlatboxCli: a console client that uses the library.
  • Pocs: an example of a program using features from the libary.

Compilation Steps


Release Build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 17 2022" -A x64 -S .. -B "build64" 
cmake --build build64/ --target platbox_cli --config Release

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