0xsp Mongoose v1.7 - Linux/Windows Privilege Escalation intelligent Enumeration Toolkit

Using 0xsp mongoose you will be able to scan targeted operating system for any possible way for privilege escalation attacks, starting from collecting information stage until reporting information through 0xsp Web Application API.
user will be able to scan different Linux / windows Operation systems at the same time with high performance, without spending time looking inside the terminal or text file for what is found, mongoose shortens this way by allowing you to send this information directly into web application friendly interface through easy API endpoint.
project is divided into two sections server & agent .
server has been coded with PHP(codeigniter) you need to install this application into your preferred environment, you can use it online or on your localhost. user is free to choice .also contribution to enhancing features are most welcomed.
Agent has been coded as ELF with Lazarus Free Pascal will be released with (32, 64 bit) while executing Agent on targeted system with all required parameters. user is free to decide whether willing to communicate with Server App to store results and explore them easily . or he can also run this tool without Web API Connection.

Agent Usage
  1. make sure to give it executable permission chmod +x agent
  2. ./agent -h (display help instructions)
-k --check kernel for common used privilige escalations exploits. 
-u --Getting information about Users , groups , releated information.
-c --check cronjobs. 
-n --Retrieve Network information,interfaces ...etc.
-w --Enumerate for Writeable Files , Dirs , SUID , 
-i --Search for Bash,python,Mysql,Vim..etc History files.
-f --search for Senstive config files accessible & private stuff. 
-o --connect to 0xsp Web Application. 
-p --Show All process By running under Root,Check For Vulnerable Packages. 
-e --Kernel inspection Tool, it will help to search through tool databases for kernel vulnerabilities. 
-x --secret Key to authorize your connection with WebApp API (default is 0xsp). 
-a --Display README. 

Server Web App (must be like this : http://host/0xsp/ )

  1. make sure to have at least php 5.6 or above
  2. requires mysql 5.6
  3. make sure to add Web application on root path / with folder name 0xsp as [ http://localhost/0xsp/] , Agent will not connect to it in case not configured correctly . the agent will connect only as following case :
./agent {SCAN OPTION} -o localhost -x secretkey

Examples With WebApi
./agent -c -o localhost -x 0xsp { enumerate for CRON Tasks and Transfer results into Web Api} 
./agent -e -o localhost -x 0xsp { intelligent Exploits Detector }
./agent -c -e localhost -x 0sxp { will run two scans together and send found results directly }
./agent -m -o -x 0xsp { RUN all Scans together and export it to Web API} 

Examples Without WebApi
./agent -c -k -p { this will run 3 scans at the same time with out sending results into Web Api }

Agent Features
  1. High performance , stability , Output results Generated while executing no delays
  2. Ability to execute most of functions with intelligent techniques .
  3. results are being sent to Quick Web API
  4. Exception Handling .
  5. inbuilt Json Data set for publicly disclosed Exploits .
  6. Fast As Mongoose

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