Blindy - Simple Script for running BruteForce Blind MySql Injection

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Simple script for running bruteforce blind MySql injection
The script will run through queries listed in sets in provided file (default-queries.json as default) and try to bruteforce places with {} placeholder. If no {} placeholder present, the script will simply make request with current query.

command line
$ python3 --help
usage: [-h] [-f filename] [-m method] -p name -r regexp -u url
                 [-s set_of_queries]

Run blind sql injection using brutforce

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f filename           File name for your commands in json format, defaults
                        to default-queries.json
  -m method, --method method
                        Where to inject (GET - get parameter/default, POST -
                        post parameter, HEADER - header)
  -p name               Name of parameter (for get - param name, post - param
                        name, for header - name of header). If params need to
                        have fixed value use -p submit=true
  -r regexp             Regular expression for negative pattern (script search
                        for the pattern and if present - will consider that
                        injection failed and igrone result.)
  -u url                Url to test
  -s set_of_queries, --set set_of_queries
                        Which set of queries to analyze from json file, for
                        ex. login, blind. Default to blind.

Example usage
Bruteforce inject into POST query_param
python3 -m POST -p query_param -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u -s blind
Bruteforce inject into POST query_param with placeholder
python3 -m POST -p "query_param=login {}" -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u -s blind
This will inject the queries in a place of {} parameter placeholder
Simple check a list of queries against username parameter
python3 -m POST -p username -p submit=1 -r 'Pattern\ to\ ignore\ result' -u -s login

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