PyRexecd - Standalone SSH Server For Windows

PyRexecd is a standalone SSH server for Windows.

  • Standalone Win32 app (not a service) that resides in SysTray.
  • Supports a single user / pubkey auth only.
  • Notifies incoming connections via popup.
  • Sends/Receives the clipboard text via stdin/stdout.


How to Use:
  1. > pip install pyrexecd
  2. Run PyRexec.pyw.
    It generates a new host key and opens a config directory (AppData\Roaming\PyRexecd).
  3. Put your public key into the config dir.
    > copy your\ authorized_keys
  4. Run PyRexec.pyw to start the server.
  5. Log into the machine via 2200/tcp.
    $ ssh -p 2200 windows

Command Line Syntax:
> pyrexecd.exe [-d] [-l logfile] [-s sshdir] [-L addr] [-p port]
               [-c cmdexe] [-u username] [-a authkeys] [-h homedir]
    ssh_host_key ...
  • -d : Turns on Debug mode (verbose logging).
  • -l logfile : Log file path (default: pyrexecd.log).
  • -s sshdir : Config directory path. (default: AppData\Roaming\PyRexecd)
  • -L a.b.c.d : Specifies the listen address (default:
  • -p port : Specifies the listen port (default: 2200).
  • -c cmdexe : cmd.exe path. (default: cmd.exe)
  • -u username : Username.
  • -a authkeys : authorized_keys path. (default: authorized_keys)
  • -h homedir : Home directory path. (default: %UserProfile%)

Special commands:
Certain SSH command is recognized as special commands:
  • @clipget : Receives the clipboard text from Windows.
    $ ssh windows @clipget > clipboard.txt
  • @clipset : Sends the clipboard text to Windows.
    $ echo foo | ssh windows @clipset
  • @open, @edit, and @print : Windows shell operation. The target pathname should be given from stdin.
    $ echo C:\User\euske\foo.txt | ssh windows @edit

How to Build .exe (requires cx_Freeze):
> pip install cx_Freeze
> python build

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