WiFi-Pumpkin v0.7.5 - Framework for Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point Attack

WiFi-Pumpkin is a security tool that provides the Rogue access point to Man-In-The-Middle and network attacks.

Kali 2.0/WifiSlax 4.11.1/Parrot 2.0.5
  • Python 2.7
 git clone https://github.com/P0cL4bs/WiFi-Pumpkin.git
 cd WiFi-Pumpkin
 chmod +x installer.sh
 ./installer.sh --install
refer to the wiki for Installation

  • Rogue Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Deauth Attack Clients AP
  • Probe Request Monitor
  • DHCP Starvation Attack
  • Credentials Monitor
  • Transparent Proxy
  • Windows Update Attack
  • Phishing Manager
  • Partial Bypass HSTS protocol
  • Support beef hook
  • Mac Changer
  • ARP Poison
  • DNS Spoof

Plugin Description
net-creds Sniff passwords and hashes from an interface or pcap file
dns2proxy This tools offer a different features for post-explotation once you change the DNS server to a Victim.
sslstrip2 Sslstrip is a MITM tool that implements Moxie Marlinspike's SSL stripping attacks based version fork @LeonardoNve/@xtr4nge.
sergio-proxy Sergio Proxy (a Super Effective Recorder of Gathered Inputs and Outputs) is an HTTP proxy that was written in Python for the Twisted framework.

Transparent Proxy
Transparent proxies that you can use to intercept and manipulate HTTP/HTTPS traffic modifying requests and responses, that allow to inject javascripts into the targets visited. You can easily implement a module to inject data into pages creating a python file in directory "Proxy" automatically will be listed on PumpProxy tab.

Plugins Example
The following is a sample module that injects some contents into the tag to set blur filter into body html page:
from Plugin import PluginProxy

class blurpage(PluginProxy):
    ''' this module proxy set blur into body page html response'''
    _name          = 'blur_page'
    _activated     = False
    _instance      = None
    _requiresArgs  = False

    def getInstance():
        if blurpage._instance is None:
            blurpage._instance = blurpage()
        return blurpage._instance

    def __init__(self):
        self.injection_code = []

    def setInjectionCode(self, code):

    def inject(self, data, url):
        injection_code = '''<head> <style type="text/css">
        filter: blur(2px);
        -webkit-filter: blur(2px);}
        self.logging.info("Injected: %s" % (url))
        return data.replace('<head>',injection_code )

I can't install it
have a look at the Installation
I have this message warning Error Network Card
You system not have support run Wifi-Pumpkin with Wireless connection
hi , is it work on X Wireless Adapters ?
I don't know, check this page
I can't install package X
Try installing the package via pip, Google is your friend!
It Windows supported?
No, It will never be

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