Katana - Framework for Hackers, Professional Security and Developers

Katana is a framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share, the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool, The current version is not completely stable, not complete.

The project is open to partners.


The Katana source code is organized as follows:
-KatanaGUI/ > Source code for graphical user interface
-KatanaLAB/ > Source code for katana laboratory
-core/ > Source code core
--core/db/ > Dictionaries and tables
--core/logs/ > Registers of modules
-files/ > Files necessary for some modules
-tmp/ > Temp files
-lib/ > Libraries
-doc/ > Documentation
-scripts/ > Scripts(modules)


  ¬Setting.py         --- Setting variables
  ¬design.py          --- Design template
  ¬Errors.py          --- Error Debug
  ¬ping.py            --- Funcitons
  ¬__init__.py        --- Modules List


OS requirement: Kali Linux


Installation of Katana framework:
git clone https://github.com/RedToor/katana.git
cd Katana
chmod 777 install.py
python install.py

USAGE Commands

Stable ------------------------------------------------------------------
./sudo ktf.console                                   98% Builded - Enabled
./sudo ktf.run -m net/arpspoof                       95% Builded - Enabled
Building ----------------------------------------------------------------
ktf.lab                                              30% Builded - No yet.
ktf.linker -m web/whois -t google.com -p 80          80% Builded - No yet.


Code Name Description Autor Version
web/httpbt Brute force to http 403 Redtoor 1.0
web/formbt Brute force to form-based Redtoor 1.0
web/cpfinder Admin panel finder Redtoor 1.0
web/joomscan Scanner vul's cms joomla Redtoor 1.0
web/dos Denial of service web Redtoor 1.0
web/whois Who-is web Redtoor 1.0
net/arpspoof ARP-Spoofing attack Redtoor 1.0
net/arplook ARP-Spoofing detector cl34r 1.0
net/portscan Port Scanner RedToor 1.0
set/gdreport Getting information with web RedToor 3.0
set/mailboom E-mail boombing SPAM RedToor 3.0
set/facebrok facebook phishing plataform RedToor 1.7
fle/brutezip Brute force to zip files LeSZO ZerO 1.0
fle/bruterar Brute force to rar files LeSZO ZerO 1.0
clt/ftp Console ftp client Redtoor 1.0
clt/sql Console sql client Redtoor 1.0
clt/pop3 Console pop3 client Redtoor 1.0
clt/ftp Console ftp client Redtoor 1.0
ser/sql Start SQL server Redtoor 1.0
ser/apache Start Apache server Redtoor 1.0
ser/ssh Start SSH server Redtoor 1.0
fbt/ftp Brute force to ftp Redtoor 1.0
fbt/ssh Brute force to ssh Redtoor 1.0
fbt/sql Brute force to sql Redtoor 1.0
fbt/pop3 Brute force to pop3 Redtoor 1.0


Project in SF : http://sourceforge.net/projects/katanas/files/
Documentation: https://github.com/RedToor/Katana/tree/master/doc
Blog of project[ES]: http://cave-rt.blogspot.com.co/2015/07/instalacion-y-uso-katana-framework.html

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