Snoopy - A distributed tracking and data interception framework

Snoopy is a distributed tracking and profiling framework which can perform interesting tracking and profiling of mobile users through the use of WiFi.

There have been recent initiatives from numerous governments to legalise the monitoring of citizens’ Internet based communications (web sites visited, emails, social media) under the guise of anti-terrorism.

Several private organisations have developed technologies claiming to facilitate the analysis of collected data with the goal of identifying undesirable activities. Whether such technologies are used to identify such activities, or rather to profile all citizens, is open to debate. Budgets, technical resources, and PhD level staff are plentiful in this sphere. This inspired the goal of the Snoopy project: with the limited time and resources of a few technical minds could we create our own distributed tracking and data interception framework with functionality for simple analysis of collected data.

Snoopy consists of four components:
  • Client software (aka Snoopy Drone software)
  • Server software
  • Web interface
  • Maltego transforms

Plug-ins consist of two parts:
  • Back-end (data providing) part, written in Python
  • Front-end (displaying) part, written in JavaScript (optional)

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit online server
  • One or more Linux based client devices with internet connectivity and a WiFi device supporting injection drivers. We’d recommend the Nokia N900.
  • A copy of Maltego Radium

Web Interface: You can access the web interface via http://yoursnoopyserver:5000/. You can write your own data exploration plugins. Check the Appendix of the README file for more info on that.

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