[Subterfuge v1.0] Automated Man-in-the-Middle Attack Framework

Subterfuge, a Framework to take the arcane art of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks and make it as simple as point and shoot. Subterfuge demonstrates vulnerabilities in the ARP Protocol by harvesting credentials that go across the network and even exploiting machines by injecting malicious code directly into their browsing sessions.

The first step in any Subterfuge attack is gaining a Man-in-the-Middle position. Currently, Subterfuge only ships with one method of establishing itself as MITM, ARP Cache Poisoning. Nevertheless, as a framework, its modular design allows it to support multiple methods.

Some used attacks

  • ARP Cache Poisoning
  • Dynamic Poison Retention & ARPBLock
Subterfuge comes with modules that give the ability to leverage the position quickly and easily. Moreover, if your needs are particularly specific, you can create a module for Subterfuge without the need to launch your own attack from scratch. Subterfuge comes packaged with several default modules that you can use to great effect.

List of some integrated modules

  • Credential Harvester
  • Session Hijacking
  • HTTP Code Injection
  • Denial of Service
  • Tunnel Block
  • Network View
  • Evilgrade
Version 1.0 is the first release of Subterfuge to have come out of Beta! It includes significant package upgrades, compatibility fixes, a modified interface, and a whole new packaging system.

The tool comes with a rich documentation and examples. Take care to go through the website.

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