DNSChef is a highly configurable DNS proxy for Penetration Testers and Malware Analysts. A DNS proxy (aka “Fake DNS“) is a tool used for application network traffic analysis among other uses.

Changelog v0.2.1

It introduces IPv6 support, large number of new DNS record types, custom ports and other frequently requested features.

There are several DNS Proxies out there. Most will simply point all DNS queries to a single IP address or implement only rudimentary filtering. DNSChef was developed as part of a penetration test where there was a need for a more configurable system. As a result, DNSChef is cross-platform application capable of forging responses based on inclusive and exclusive domain lists, matching domains with wildcards, proxying true responses for nonmatching domains, defining external configuration files and many other features. You can find detailed explanation of each of the features and suggested uses below.

The use of DNS Proxy is recommended in situations where it is not possible to force an application to use some other proxy server directly. For example, some mobile applications completely ignore OS HTTP Proxy settings. In these cases, the use of a DNS proxy server such as DNSChef will allow you to trick that application in to forwarding connections to the desired destination.

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