[ollydbg-binary-execution-visualizer] New Tool for Visualizing Binaries With Ollydbg and Graphvis

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sometimes crackme’s or something you might be reversing will constantly bug you due to the excessive usage of f7 & f8. It will be quiet neat if you can see how the application is executing visually and set your break points accordingly.


o Ollyscript plugin
o Bunch of your favorite anti-­‐debug plugins (phantom , ollyadvanced, …etc) o Pygraphviz
o Graphviz
o Python 2.7

  • Create an ollyscript that will do the following

    o Log all EIP for main application
    o Disregard to log calls to kernel32 , ntdll & addresses which are above

    7C000000 using step over not step into include more addresses to
    exclude if needed later for other system dll’s 77000000 … etc. o Save EIP Logs to file
  • Parse the log file
  • Feed it into pygraphviz
  • Export to png
  • Visualize & note needed breakpoints.
  • Re-­‐run the app setting above breakpoints.

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